Stick Figure Masterpieces

I think that art often gets interpreted as this wacky, mysterious or even useless culture. Some people look down on art because in their minds, art is nothing more than pretty pictures. To them, it's all about what they see on the surface. But art is so much more than paintings that hang in museums... Continue Reading →

Artist, Not artist

What makes a person an Artist? Not just an artist, an Artist, with a capital A. I'm talking about more than a profession, I'm talking about passion. There is major difference, trust me. An artist is someone who creates for a living. An Artist is someone who lives to create. Anyone, regardless of their level... Continue Reading →

The Starving Artist

"I'm an artist, that's who I am. That's what I do." For all of my life, I knew that I would be an artist. But what if I stripped away all the past expectations, the labels, the assumptions? Where would I find my identity? What if I wasn't an artist? Being an artist makes sense... Continue Reading →

The Great Showdown

(Based on a true story) The white watercolor paper mirrored my blank stare. There was an uneasy feeling of tension in the air and I could vaguely hear the soundtrack of an Old West showdown in the background. "Funny..." I think to myself, " Why are they playing Old West showdown soundtracks on the radio?"... Continue Reading →

Self Portraits and an Introduction

Hello all! My name is Cassie and I love all things art - photography, drawing, painting, graphic design, etc....I created this blog because I want to share my passion for art and any random thoughts I would like to write about! I have always loved art, and some of my earliest memories are of hours... Continue Reading →

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